One thing that I appreciate about Apple is that they typically do the right thing.

Removing the optical drive was the right choice.

USB-C is amazing.

I am glad they dropped the headphone jack.

So it’s really strange that they’ve included a USB-A charger with the new iPhones. Their pro laptops haven’t had USB-A for years. I personally have had USB-C for more than 3 years.

It feels totally bizarre to ship a phone that costs more than a laptop and then totally cheap out on the charging cable. It’s just wrong.

Also notably absent was Apple’s new AirPower wireless charging system. You can’t even argue that most customers will just buy one, because they are not even for sale.

The wireless charging case for the AirPods was absent as well.

But back to the cable.

There’s no excuse to charge that kind of money for a phone and not include the proper cable. That is not doing the right thing. :(