With the rise of LLMs and GPT human authored content is eventually going to be a scarce thing. We're already seeing the rise of AI generate garbage content that some people have dubbed slop.

The only way to protect original thought is to put it behind a login.

So I've done that.

Free Users: Access all areas

By signing up, you'll get access pretty much all of the content on the site. Sign up is required to keep the bots and AI harvesting out. Only a small amount of content will be made public.

Premium Users: Comments and exclusive content

The best way to keep bots out of the comments is to put a price on commenting. So that's what I have done.

If you want to comment you'll need to pay for a premium account which will unlock a small amount of private content and the ability to comment.

About Mark

I've been building software since before we gave phones real keyboards and then took them away again.

I had one of the most popular Dashboard Widgets (back when that was a thing), started a boutique software consultancy, and built software for airlines, governments, utilities, and other large corporations.

Currently I'm the CTO of an up-and-coming WealthTech company.